How To Explain Personal Injury Lawyer To Your Grandparents

How To Explain Personal Injury Lawyer To Your Grandparents

Types of Personal Injury Compensation

You could be eligible for compensation if suffered an injury as a result of negligence or wrongdoing of another party. Find out the kinds of damages you can receive by speaking with a personal injury attorney near you.

There are two major types of damages that can be granted in personal injury cases which are economic and non-economic damages. This article will examine these categories and discuss how they may impact the amount of compensation you're legally entitled to.

Economic Damages

If someone is injured in an accident, they could be entitled to compensation for their losses. These can include medical expenses along with lost wages and property damage.

These types of damage are often very expensive, particularly if there are serious injuries. This is because they require extensive treatment. In addition to being hospitalized, victims could be required to pay for prescription drugs and mobility equipment while they recover.

These expenses can quickly add up and it is crucial to keep receipts. These receipts can help you prove the true value of your losses and boost the value of your compensation.

Other common forms of economic damages in personal injury cases involve lost wages and future income. This is because a victim may be out of work for months, weeks or even years after an accident. In these cases the victim must receive the amount they could have earned if they could have worked.

A person who is disabled or has lost a loved one because of an accident could be entitled to damages for life-care services. These include home health, nursing and physical therapy.

Many people require assistance with the same duties they did before their accident. This includes house chores, driving a vehicle as well as caring for the environment as well as taking care of the dependent family member.

In these situations the attorney might be competent to provide receipts and bills and other proof of the cost of these items. They may also hire experts to testify about the value of these damages.

The value of these damages could vary greatly based on the circumstances of the accident and the needs of the victim. A jury will usually consider various factors when determining damages.

These damages can include:

The two most painful things that happen in life are pain and suffering.

This is typically given to those who have suffered from severe accidents who suffer emotional or physical injuries as a result of the accident. The awards can range from minor (a few dollars for pain and suffering) to huge amounts of money (millions of dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit).

Emotional distress

The type of damages mentioned above is intended to alleviate the emotional stress that an injury can cause to a victim. It includes things like depression, anxiety and a loss of enjoyment in life.


This can be given to someone who has suffered permanent disfigurement as a result of the accident. It is a costly procedure, as many people need surgeries and other treatments to correct or remove the disfigurements.

Loss of companionship or consortium

The damages award is intended to compensate the loss of loved ones in the event of an accident. This is particularly relevant for those who have children or other dependents.

Non-economic damages form a distinct part the legal system in comparison to economic damages and are significantly less common. While  personal injury law firm sparks  can have the burden of proof higher in the case of non-economic damages, they are more difficult to assess and are not subject to the same restrictions as economic damages.